Sunday, July 19, 2015

Going To Wente


It's Wente Time Again, and you know what that means...

Oh, I never had a day like the day that I had on the day that I went to Wente

Early Sunday morning members of Troop 255 gathered in the parking lot of Farallone View Elementary School to organize this year's trip to Wente Scout Reservation.

We started earlier than usual this year, arriving at the parking lot around 7 a.m., because there was concern that the construction and traffic closures on Doyle Drive leading onto the Golden Gate Bridge might mean mean heavy traffic for us.

Fortunately, advance planning and coordinating the paperwork ahead of time allowed us to get that early start.

The Scouts made their traditional stop at Walmart in Ukiah to pick up lunch and to buy any of the camp necessities they forgot to pack. Typical things purchased are additional sunscreen, bug repellent, and (for some) the vital sugar-coated donuts and Pringles that make life in the wilderness bearable.

Arriving at Wente, the Scouts registered and went through the process of turning in their medical paperwork. Once this was done, it was orientation time; the Scouts went on a tour of the camp and learned about the different activity areas. After that, everyone had to jump in the lake for the mandatory swim test, which is actually the best part of Orientation Day because you get to cool off!

The weather on the first day was in the mid- to high-70s, unusually cool for the area, and made especially pleasant given the slight breeze blowing across the lake.

By the time their transporting parents headed back off the reservation, the Scouts were all set up for an enjoyable week at Wente! 

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