Monday, November 23, 2015

Scouting for Food collected a ton of food this year!

Saturday, Nov. 21, 2015 in Princeton, Calif.

Scouting for Food was a huge success this year with the the Scouts from Troop 255 and Pack 255 collecting a ton of food for the Coastside Opportunity Center. You probably think I'm using the word "ton" as a synonym for "a lot," right? No, I mean they actually collected a ton -- more than 2,000 pounds, in fact. The total tally at the end of the day was 2,400 pounds -- nearly 1.25 tons!

Checking expiration dates and sorting food into barrels

Working at the warehouse in Princeton, Scouts from both Troops/Packs 255 and 263 tallied a total weight of 5,400 pounds between the four scout organizations, at least 25 percent more than the previous year.  The amount of food the Scouts processed was so far beyond expectations that the Coastside Opportunity Center ran out of barrels and had to sort some of the final items into shopping carts. No problem! Coastside Opportunity Center's administrators say that all food is welcome, and that given the current rate of distribution, every morsel collected will be given to someone in need in short order.

Let's see, where do the glass jars go again? 
Oh, yeah, in the plastic crates

Less than 10 percent of the food sorted had to be rejected because it was past its expiration date, a phenomenally good rate given past history. That means for every 10 barrels of food sorted, we had less than one barrel-full of expired items.

Partial view of filled barrels; 
10 barrels had already been taken to the pantry

Overall, it was a huge success. The Scouts should be very proud of their efforts to aid those in need in our community.

Filled, checked, and ready to go to the pantry for distribution

Remember the Scout Slogan: Do a Good Turn Daily!

To all who helped to make this happen -- THANK YOU!!!

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Going To Wente


It's Wente Time Again, and you know what that means...

Oh, I never had a day like the day that I had on the day that I went to Wente

Early Sunday morning members of Troop 255 gathered in the parking lot of Farallone View Elementary School to organize this year's trip to Wente Scout Reservation.

We started earlier than usual this year, arriving at the parking lot around 7 a.m., because there was concern that the construction and traffic closures on Doyle Drive leading onto the Golden Gate Bridge might mean mean heavy traffic for us.

Fortunately, advance planning and coordinating the paperwork ahead of time allowed us to get that early start.

The Scouts made their traditional stop at Walmart in Ukiah to pick up lunch and to buy any of the camp necessities they forgot to pack. Typical things purchased are additional sunscreen, bug repellent, and (for some) the vital sugar-coated donuts and Pringles that make life in the wilderness bearable.

Arriving at Wente, the Scouts registered and went through the process of turning in their medical paperwork. Once this was done, it was orientation time; the Scouts went on a tour of the camp and learned about the different activity areas. After that, everyone had to jump in the lake for the mandatory swim test, which is actually the best part of Orientation Day because you get to cool off!

The weather on the first day was in the mid- to high-70s, unusually cool for the area, and made especially pleasant given the slight breeze blowing across the lake.

By the time their transporting parents headed back off the reservation, the Scouts were all set up for an enjoyable week at Wente! 

Sunday, June 14, 2015

White Water Rafting on the American River

June 12-14, 2015

Once again members of Troop 255 braved the intrepid white water rapids of the American River near Coloma, Calif., to explore the historic gold mining region in search of fame and riches, or at least a day of fun shooting the rapids.

After surviving the Middle Fork rapids the Scouts 
carry their boat out of the water victorious

This year the Scouts of 255 covered more of the river than ever before by splitting into two groups -- one to brave the treacherous waters of Middle Fork while the second group wrangled the rapids of the South Fork all the way down to Folsom Lake.

Picturesque camping right on the American River South Fork 

This year we spent two nights in the beautiful shaded camp right on the river's edge. The food and activities in camp were wonderful, and the Scouts got a chance to play in the river before and after rafting.

Exhausted from a day of rafting, Scouts relax (collapse) in the camp.

While the weather was a little warm this year, a quick dip in the river provided cool, refreshing relief. Overall, the trip was a wonderful and exciting time for all the Scouts and their families.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Half Moon Bay Yacht Club Work Day

May 9, 2015

The Half Moon Bay Yacht Club sponsors Troop 255 and provides a meeting place for the bi-monthly troop meetings. On Saturday, May 9th, the Yacht Club held a cleanup and beautification day to make things around the club look fresh and new. To say thanks for all the club does for the troop, the Scouts and their families showed up in force to pitch in on the effort.

A number of the Scouts worked on weeding and gardening in the flower beds around the club, while others worked on refinishing some of the cabinets and furniture from inside the buildings.

The weather was cool and overcast, with very little wind, making it perfect for working around the club. The Yacht Club provided a generous lunch of sandwiches, hot dogs, green salad and pasta salad. Dessert included cookies and strawberries.

A big thank you to all troop members and parents who helped to make the Yacht Club even better than it already is!

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

May 06 Troop Meeting

7pm Half Moon Bay Yacht Club

At the start of the meeting, the troop welcomed nine new Scouts from Cub Scout Pack 255 with the traditional candle ceremony. In this ceremony, each Scout joins his light with that of the troop. We are very excited to have these terrific new members.

Following the ceremony, the Scouts broke into patrols and completed work on their Honor Patrol activities.

Great meeting!