Sunday, June 14, 2015

White Water Rafting on the American River

June 12-14, 2015

Once again members of Troop 255 braved the intrepid white water rapids of the American River near Coloma, Calif., to explore the historic gold mining region in search of fame and riches, or at least a day of fun shooting the rapids.

After surviving the Middle Fork rapids the Scouts 
carry their boat out of the water victorious

This year the Scouts of 255 covered more of the river than ever before by splitting into two groups -- one to brave the treacherous waters of Middle Fork while the second group wrangled the rapids of the South Fork all the way down to Folsom Lake.

Picturesque camping right on the American River South Fork 

This year we spent two nights in the beautiful shaded camp right on the river's edge. The food and activities in camp were wonderful, and the Scouts got a chance to play in the river before and after rafting.

Exhausted from a day of rafting, Scouts relax (collapse) in the camp.

While the weather was a little warm this year, a quick dip in the river provided cool, refreshing relief. Overall, the trip was a wonderful and exciting time for all the Scouts and their families.

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